Milkshake shaker


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The eco-friendly milkshake shaker

A delicious milkshake ready in 30 seconds
In the shaker, add milk, ice and syrup (optional). Pump for 20 seconds. Your milkshake is ready! Have fun varying the flavours. Decorate your milkshake with whipped cream, cookies, fruit… And to make the pleasure last, enjoy it with a straw!

Creamy texture The exclusive double grid makes it possible to obtain a creamy texture in no time at all! Something to impress your guests with an original dessert.

A homemade milkshake good for the planet
No need to consume electricity to enjoy! No more need to take out your electric mixers and other robots, you can use Milk Shock everywhere without electricity and the planet will thank you!

Vary the fragrances!
As it only takes 30 seconds to make a milkshake, everyone can easily prepare their own with the fragrance of their choice.