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Behind PJ MARES is the designer duo Tom Mares and Peter-Jan (PJ) Scherpereel. PJ MARES creates his own collection of clever and timeless interiors and designs, drawing inspiration from natural and warm materials such as wood and steel that age beautifully. Through his creations, PJ MARES tries to find a new synthesis between functionality, heritage and design. “Scandinavian logic and Italian sensuality,” as Tom would describe it. Thanks to his simplicity, his vision, his sensitivity for materials and composition, PJ MARES creates beautiful pieces. Everything is designed for use, not just for aesthetics. All the pieces created by PJ MARES only become more beautiful over time. This philosophy of design for use (conceived for use) guarantees timeless and iconic products with a very contemporary feel.
That’s why LuLu has chosen to furnish the LuLu (Châtelain) café with this magnificent, fully customizing collection.

Dimensions: tray: 60 x 75 x 2.1 cm / feet: 73 x 74 x 26 cm

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 74 cm

Black, Blue-Green, Gold, Salmon

table top

black / Green edge, Black / White edge, Walnut / White edge, White / Black edge, White / Gold edge

Visible in showroom

LuLu Châtelain (101, Rue du Page – 1050 Brussels)

Delivery delay

3 weeks

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