Home Sweet Home

The 2021 décor season is shaping up to be one dominated by softness!

A softness in both colours (pink, warm tones, shades of grey) and materials (velvet, silk, wool). We are forgetting about minimalism and opting for daring colours and noble materials. Every item tells a story, emotion as a way of life. So a mix of designer pieces (old and modern) is in fashion, allowing for an infusion of the contemporary, but with soul.

All spaces in our rooms are occupied; we love accumulating all types of large and small items; bye bye boring! Our walls become genuine spaces of expression: mirrors, masks, baskets, plants; decorating helps us escape! The velvet – smooth or ribbed – trend is to the fore; it imbues comfort and luxury while the plant trend (indoor plants, fabrics with patterns) satisfies our search for nature. When it comes to tableware, ceramic is winning back hearts and kitchens. We give character to our tables with this raw and authentic material with beautiful gradients of colours.

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