Family story


An exceptional woman

Portrait of LuLu

A common value. Family. A recurring memory. Our grandmother. The head of the family. Five sons, eight grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and more to come…a loyal and loving woman. A woman of the past and the present. A taste for life. Delightful, a little kitsch. Sometimes with a touch of fleeting follies as well. But with an enthusiasm firmly fixed on the future.

An exceptional woman.


Through the generations

Fourth generation

Antoine & Mathieu, two cousins who share a family passion for furniture and interior decoration. Our great-grandparents were cabinetmakers. Our grandparents were furniture and décor wholesalers. Our parents were furniture and décor traders. We are the fourth generation.

Lulu in the chatelain

Interior store

The perfect blend of items which ooze history and a contemporary environment. Design, vintage and retro furniture. The décor and art of the table of the past, kitsch and current. A variant of interior design as LuLu likes it.

Like at home

Café and more…

Warm décor. Where life is good. A place for sharing. A space for living. Like at home. A simple menu, full of emotion and memories. Like at home. All simply wonderful!

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