Feel good at home

When we switch to wintertime and the evenings lengthen, how can you resist a cosy atmosphere? Plaid, a hot drink, a book…interested? If so, now is the time to warm up your living space, to introduce softness and tranquillity.
LuLu has a few ideas for how to create a cosy atmosphere in your home.


Neutral colours (beige, off-white, grey) are in the spotlight. They bring serenity and can easily be combined with touches of colour like pastel tones (pale pink, almond green, light blue) which will add a soft liveliness.


Cosy effect guaranteed with velvet’s big comeback! This soft and warm material will be appreciated in all its forms: couch, pouffe, cushion, …

Knitted items also add warmth to any living-room.

The must-haves
This season’s big star is plaid! LuLu offers a beautiful, environmentally friendly plaid selection so you can wrap up warm “responsibly”. Casually drape these items on the couch or keep them in a basket so you can easily grab them during a night on the couch with friends!
To create a cosy and soft setting where spending time is a pleasure, alter the brightness with “atmospheric” lights. Floor lamps, hanging lights, free-standing or fixed lights, these decorative lights serve to add warmth to your room.

The finishing touch for a pleasant indoor space: candles! Once lit, they awaken our senses, take us to another place and provide soft and intimate light.
From the bathroom to the sitting-room via the bedroom, no room can do without them.

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